Coronavirus Update & Church

At a committee meeting on 26.07.2020 we discussed everything that will allow us to once again open our Church.  Please be aware, that no matter what our personal opinions or feelings are toward the Covid 19 situation, we have to undertake everything that the Government and SNU guidelines have stipulated, so that we will be allowed to open our Church.
We appreciate that this is a long read, however we hope you will take the time to read all of the following, in order to prevent any misunderstandings when you visit us.
Our seating capacity under the current 2 metre distancing rule (For places of Worship) is only 32 places. Once those places have been taken, we will close the doors, so please be aware that if you do attend and the seating capacity has been reached, then we will sadly not be able to admit you.  Remember this is not our choice but is something we have to strictly adhere to, until such time that the guidelines allow us to reduce the distance.
We will hold only a Sunday Divine Service and a Wednesday evening Service for the time being.  We cannot hold a Thursday Open Circle, Extrav or Specials until the restrictions have lifted sufficiently to enable us to do so.
Monday Healing Services will recommence  at usual times on 12th October 2020.  Contact healing is not yet allowed, therefore we will carry out distant healing for a trial period of 6 weeks for those who wish to attend church in person.  We will still also offer absent healing to those who request it.
Given that our seating capacity is usually 158 and is now down to 32, this also means that financially it will be a struggle.  We have already been closed for 4 months, with no income apart from the donations of a few of our past regular visitors, for which we are extremely grateful.  As a charity we are totally dependent on the door donation and the generosity of our congregation.  Daulby is a large building that has to be maintained and we also have the usual utility bills, therefore we have had to increase the minimum door donation from £2.50 to £3.00 on a Wednesday, which is still very reasonable.  Sundays are as usual a free will donation (collection box) but we do ask those of you who can afford it to be generous with your free will donation.
We ask that you try to have the correct money as change will be very limited.
We are not allowed to hold a raffle and our gift shop and drinks/biscuit shop also have to remain closed, all of which usually helps to bring in a little extra income to cover the expenses of running the church.
What We Ask Of You
Please practise the current social distancing guidelines when waiting outside Church.
Please wear a face covering when you enter the church and during the time you are inside the building.  Our volunteers will also wear face coverings for your protection.
When you arrive, you will be greeted at the front door and offered sanitiser, which we hope you will accept.
Once inside the church there will be a box containing a sanitised plastic bag with a small sanitised pen and paper for you to write your contact details on (Government Track &Trace), this can be placed in the separate marked boxes on your way out – one box for the contact details and one for the pen and plastic bag.  This information will be stored in a locked cabinet for 28 days, after which time it will be destroyed.
Please adhere to the one way system – there will be a one way entrance in and a one way exit out. The entrance will be as usual and after the Service is over you will be asked to stay in your seats whilst the Chair person guides a section at a time out, using the Disabled doors into the side pathway. This is to prevent people in the foyer area from not being able to keep to the 2 metre distancing.

Chairs have painstakingly been placed at the current 2 metre social distance and must not be moved under any circumstances.
Please bring your own tissues as we are not allowed to hand any out.
We cannot have a steward collecting our Sunday free will offering. Instead a collection box will be placed near the exit door so you can leave your offering in that as you leave, please be generous if you are able.
We do still ask that you do not bring any drinks or food into Church as we can still provide water freely in polystyrene cups that can be safely disposed of.
We truly hope that now you can understand how much work has had to go into opening our doors, it is a very sad situation but we are sure that you will support us in all of the above as this is very difficult for all of us to have to ensure all of these things are adhered to.
We will be wearing face coverings and any PPE that may be required.  If you do have to use the toilet, there are hand washing facilities and paper towels for your use. There will also be hand sanitiser available.
We will open our doors on Sunday 13th September 2020 for our Divine Service.
Doors as usual will open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start.
May I remind all members that Membership fees are due and payable when we return please.
Our AGM will take place on Sunday 4th October 2020 at 1pm.
Thank you for your continued support and the love shown to us.
Your committee and volunteers are looking forward to welcoming you back with smiles and a welcome but sorry, no hugs yet.