We are pleased to announce that we have been presented with two awards by our Governing Body, Spiritualist National Union (SNU), at their AGM in July 2021.

The first award is one we have won before in 2012 and is Church of the Year.  We are amongst over five hundred churches in the SNU, so to be given this award is very prestigious indeed but to have won it twice is very rare.  Our volunteers and committee members work very hard to run Daulby, as we are affectionately known, in a fair and firm way, whilst keeping you all safe and cared for.

The second award is a fairly new one and is for Community Service.  As you all know, each year we collect Christmas presents for the Women’s refuge and although church was closed for most of last year, when you our congregation, saw how disappointed we were to have collected less than the usual amount of gifts, you rallied forth and turned up with car loads and bags full of gifts, from selection boxes to even a play-station.  We ended up collecting more last Christmas than ever before and that is all because of the generosity and good will of you, our lovely, caring and generous congregation.


We are pleased to announce that we will now be able to allow more visitors to our services, although we will still have an area of social distanced chairs for the vulnerable or nervous to use.  We ask that unless you are one of the nervous or vulnerable, that you only use those chairs if all others have been taken.

We ask that unless you are exempt, you continue to wear a face covering on entering church until you sit down, at which time you can remove it.  Please continue to observe proper sanitising i.e. washing of hands after using toilet and make use of sanitiser offered to you.

We ask that you do not bring food and drink into church please as we do have a refreshment table where you can purchase soft drinks and crisps etc.


Team Daulby would like to thank you all for your support over the last very trying time and ask that you continue to support us, so that we can continue to support you.

God’s blessings to you all