Good News Page

We are very please to announce that we have been presented with two awards by our governing body SNU (Spiritualist National Union)

We were first awarded the Church of the year, which out of over five hundred churches in our union is a very prestigious award. We won this in 2012 and to win it again is very special. We strive to run our church fairly and firmly, with love and understanding for all who visit us.

Our next award is for Community Service. As you all know, we support among others, Women’s refuge and under this umbrella is also a men’s refuge. Each Christmas we take numerous bags of Christmas Presents to them, which are donated by the hard work of our committee and volunteers and by the endless generosity of our lovely visitors to Daulby. Your kindness never ceases to amaze, as even last year when church was closed for most of it, you surpassed previous years donations, by turning up with car loads of gifts, from selection boxes to a play station.

These awards are not only for Team Daulby as we are affectionately referred to but also for you, our congregation. We wish to thank you most sincerely for your support because without you, there would be no Daulby Street. Love and Blessings to all