Our History

The first organised meeting of Spiritualists in Liverpool, was made somewhere around the year of 1865, at Walls Temperance Hotel. Twenty-four names were put down as members of the new body; it was named the Psychological Society.
Séances with the Davenport Bros and lectures by Miss Emma Hardinge (later Mrs E.H. Britten) and Mr James Burns, editor of the “Medium and Daybreak” aroused public interest and laid down the foundation of the present Spiritualist National Church – Daulby Street.

Towards the close of 1870, Mr J.J. Morse gave a series of week night meetings at Bohn’s Caledonia Hotel in Stafford Street. These were later followed by services in the Co-operative Hall in Camden Street and also in the Islington Assembly Rooms.

With a continuous supply of speakers being obtained, more respectable accommodation was sought. The elegant Meyerbeer Hall in Hardman Street was used and also the Latterly Rodney Hall until 7th June 1885, when the move to the present site was made.

Daulby Hall was dedicated “To the Glory of God and the Spirit World”, by Mrs Emma Hardinge Britten on 14th June 1885.
In 1894 the name of the society was changed to Liverpool Society of Spiritualists, this being altered in 1921 to the Spiritualist National Church Liverpool.

In May 1941, the church was destroyed by war time bombing, with only parts of the library being salvaged. A large house in Village Street – Everton was rented, to enable the church to continue to function.

In 1954, the War Damage Commission granted permission for the building of the present church on the same site, a re-dedication service was held on 23rd October 1954 by Mr Percy Wilson M.A.

June 1985 marked a very special milestone – “OUR CENTENARY YEAR”.
This was celebrated with two weeks of special events, lectures, a healing seminar, religious services and social evenings.
On the 12th and 13th July 1985 the Spiritualists National Union AGM Conference was held at Liverpool University, with many people attending the social evening at Daulby Street Church.

From this moment on ,the Church has gone from strength to strength. In 2012 we were awarded by the District Council ‘The Merseyside and North Wales District Church of the Year Award’ for 2011-2012.

In 2012 the S.N.U awarded us the Premier Award for National Church of the Year.
These awards show the commitment, love and determination of the Committee and volunteers to make Daulby the beacon of Light once again to all who enter.

In 2015, we celebrated one hundred and thirty years of Spiritualism in Liverpool. Without all the hard work, and dedication of our pioneers, we would not have such a wonderful church as we have today. I am sure they are still with us in church, and are as pleased as we are that they helped us to make our church what it is today.

Over the years we have had many building improvements, partly to stay within legal requirements and partly for the comfort of our members.  The funds for these works were raised by the hard work of the Committee and volunteers, as well as donations and bequests from individuals, for which we are very grateful.